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Rocky Mountain Tails Pet Shop & Spa is now CLOSED.

Due to the current economic climate in Calgary, we have made the very hard decision to close the store. Rising costs, changing shopping habits and increased competition, among other things, make it difficult for truly independent, ethical businesses to operate.

We have spoken to Petcurean (makers of Go and NOW) and Champion (makers of Orijen and Acana) to ensure that any frequent buyer purchases that have been made at our store will be honoured elsewhere. Please contact us, and we will forward a report of your current purchases.

We have loved serving you with honest advice and great products for the last 6 years.  We have cried with you through the losses and celebrated the new critters in your lives, as many of you have with our losses and new furry friends. Having so many people share their lives with us as friends, not just customers, is so humbling. Those daily chats with our regulars will be missed more than anyone can imagine. The friendships that were made will be treasured for a lifetime. We greatly appreciate your loyalty, your trust and your support.

Should you wish to keep in touch, please contact us at info@rockymountaintails.ca.

Craig & Sandy

Posted 31 August 2016 by rockymountaintails